JOIN the Best and the Brightest! Join ENUG Today!

If you are not currently a member, membership is open to all Emphasys users.
The dues were reduced from $500 per year to:

  • $150 for agencies with < 2,000 combined units
  • $250 for agencies with 2,000 and greater units

We invite you to join us. We come from a highly regulated environment and are more alike than different, regardless of size or geographic location.  We also use the same software applications and can learn from each other and help each other and be the VOICE to bring our concerns and ideas to Emphasys. We can work together with mutual respect and collaboration.

All ENUG Board Members look forward to working with you.

Your membership in ENUG connects you with other Emphasys users throughout the country. Our mission is to foster cooperation and exchange of ideas between you and other Emphasys users so that we can collectively optimize our use of all Emphasys product lines! We are independent – we are not influenced, owned or controlled by Emphasys. Here are just a few of the benefits of joining ENUG!

One Voice – we represent a strong and united voice in presenting issues, problems, opportunities, and suggested software product enhancements to senior management at Emphasys. We view Emphasys as our industry partner. When ENUG brings an issue to Emphasys on behalf of the entire membership, a mutual opportunity arises for a solution. ENUG’s “One Voice” is a win-win for you as an Emphasys user and for Emphasys management as a provider of software products!

Access to Member Web Site – Registered agencies may participate in the members only section. Individuals may sign up to participation in the Discuss Groups and Surveys.

Discussion Groups/Surveys – A great new interactive discussion group feature allows members to exchange comments, questions, advice and general information regarding topics of interest. Pre-established topics are available for each EMPHASYS software module. Other topics will be maintained for current issues such as the new HUD 50058 forms and similar regulatory matters.

Shared Reports – One of the most beneficial aspects is the library of user-written online reports that access the EMPHASYS database. Many reports are available using “Crystal Reports”, “Merge-IT” and other relevant reporting tools. Reports can be downloaded free of charge.

Annual Conference – ENUG members create the agenda and session details for the conference. While membership in ENUG is not required to attend the National yearly conference, membership gives you direct input via our surveys and discussion groups when the sessions are being developed. While Emphasys has generously taken over the logistics of running the conference, ENUG is heavily involved in the planning and logistics – dedicating two ENUG conference coordinators to work with Emphasys in the three months prior to the actual conference. ENUG collaborates with Emphasys to bring the most important workshops to the conference. Despite shrinking resources in our housing programs, ENUG expects attendance to steadily grow as word spreads about the highly effective format, quality presentations and helpful discussions. Unlike other housing conferences, ENUG focuses only on important topics pertaining to the EMPHASYS software and associated HUD requirements. Members co-facilitate detailed, online “Breakout Sessions” where the details of many software modules are reviewed. We also include special “Hot Topics” sessions on late breaking subjects such as QHWRA and MTCS. It goes without saying that ENUG especially values the presentations and participation of our mutual business partner, Emphasys.

Communicate with Other EMPHASYS Users – The membership directory contains a list of registered members for each PHA, their titles, phone numbers and email addresses.


ENUG membership presently requires the following of your Agency:

  • Licensed to use, at a minimum, one or more Emphasys products

Membership dues:

  • Annual dues are $250. For small agencies, membership are $150. Dues for existing ENUG members are payable by the time of each year’s annual meeting.

Joining ENUG

  • New customers signing the contract to purchase any Emphasys software will be given free membership in the group until the June of the following year.
    For example, purchase in January of 2007 – Membership is free until June of 2008 – 18 months free or purchase in December of 2007 – Membership is free until June of 2008 – 6 months free
  • Existing Emphasys customers that purchased more than one year ago, need to pay the dues anytime during the last 6 months of the year starting in June. Existing customers who have purchased less than one year ago (see New customers above).
    For example, join January-May 2007, your dues are payable in June 2007.
    Join in June-December of 2007, the dues are payable immediately.

If your Agency meets the above minimum requirements, please email or call one the ENUG Board members who will gladly discuss your membership interests.

If you would like to pay your agency dues now, you may via Paypal:

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