One Voice
The Emphasys National User Group welcomes you and wants to hear from you. Let us know how we may be of your assistance and what changes, improvements, enhancements are needed. Together we will make the difference and we will be able to express to Emphasys what is needed during the next twelve months and be part of shaping the agenda for the Emphasys Conference 2015.

Thank you to those of you who took the time to complete the surveys during this past several months. We truly appreciate your feedback. We have shared your suggestions with Emphasys. As a result we have been able to:

  • With Emphasys we will televise Keynote Speaker for those who may not attend the Nashville Conference 2014.
  • Started Hosting Virtual Trainings in partnership with Emphasys.
  • Continue to actively participate with Emphasys to enhance and improve the services.

Let us all actively participate to ensure that our VOICE is heard.

Members be reminded of our quarterly conference calls. We have heard from participants that they are very useful. We encourage you to e-mail your suggested agenda topics to us in advance in order to have productive quarterly conference calls. We are here for you!

Finally, please take the time to let us know if you are interested in participating in the Regional Groups, what type of virtual trainings are needed. Take advantage and make sure you and your staff do take advantage of this unique opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you. Do not hesitate contact us with your suggestions regarding any information that would be helpful to you or ideas about how this site can be improved. We are here for you!

Gloria Meneses
ENUG Secretary 2013-2014
Boston Housing Authority